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The ET5 comes with nine exterior color options, two exclusive colors, and the trend-setting NIO Color of the Year 2022.

NIO Aquila Super Sensing features 33 high-performance sensing units, including an ultralong-range high-resolution LiDAR, seven 8 MP high-resolution cameras, four 3 MP light-sensitive surround-view cameras, one ADMS (Advanced Driver Monitoring System), five millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, GPS, IMU, and V2X. Furthermore, with perception fusion, NIO Aquila redefines the standards of autonomous driving sensing system on production models

Six Interior Earth-Inspired Themes

The ET5 comes with six interior color themes, including three exclusive colors.
Color your seats, door panels, instrument panel, steering wheel,
and seat belts with your favorite color.

A collection of high-tech sustainable materials was applied to the interior of the ET5. In addition, NIO has been working with our partners to explore state-of-the-art technologies and innovate in low-carbon and low-pollution sustainable materials.

A Space for Creative Inspiration

Sophisticated with a human touch and distinctive accent, the interior is thoughtful in styling, material, and texture. Hidden air vents, concise instrument panel, door handles, e-latch control buttons, door armrests, and invisible speakers are all precisely integrated to form a reassuring comfortable space. The pleated pattern on the door panels and around the air vents is crafted with a delicate touch.

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