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Smart Mobile Living Space

With NOMI at its center, NIO's second-generation digital cockpit features a 12.8-inch AMOLED center display, a 10.2-inch HDR instrument cluster, a 6.6-inch rear HDR touch display, and an enhanced HUD system. The digital cockpit is also compatible with the high-performance AR and VR devices jointly developed by NIO and its partners for an immersive panoramic experience in car.

7.1.4 Immersive Sound System
Dolby Atmos as Standard
23 Speakers20 Channel Amplifier1,000W Power Output

The system comes with four overhead speakers and a subwoofer. Its four main sound channels each has a three-way speaker containing a tweeter, a mid-range driver and a woofer. Powered by Dolby Atmos technology and leading Dirac Pro spatial audio algorithms, the system delivers an immersive sound experience beyond expectations.

Making the vehicle a safe and free mobile living space is our vision. NIO has built up the full-stack NAD capability with perception algorithms, localization, control strategy, and platform software developed in-house. NAD will gradually cover use cases of expressways, urban areas, parking, and battery swap to enable a safer and more relaxing autonomous driving experience from point A to point B.

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